Prolapse of abdominal organs such us  rectum, uterus, vagina, urinary bladder etc. may occur alone, or even more often, combinated.

This may lead to different symptoms such us constipation, pain, and protusion trough the pelvic floor.

Depending on the structures affected, as well as the severity of symptoms, different surgical options may be considered.

By a laparoscopic abdominal approach ( laparoscopic rectopexy or laparoscopic rectocolpopexy) we can correct combined prolapses by inserting a prosthesis (mesh), thus allowing us to treat all the compartiments simultaneously.

A rectocele is defined by the protusion of the rectum to the posterior Wall of the vagina. ( Very rarely, it can affect male, specially after a prostate surgery).

This is frequent, yet understimated, problem. It can cause symptoms like vaginal bulging, specially when defecating, painful sexual intercourse, and even prolapse of the rectocele through the vagina. Rectal symptoms include constipation, particularly difficult evacuation with straining, pain and sometimes tenesmus.

When symptoms persist after mediacl treatment, a surgical approach may be indicated. Rectocele may be treated through the vagina, rectum, perineum or through the abdomen, and sometimes with a combination of them.


A good diagnose as well as good assesment of symptoms severity is mandatory in order to choose the best surgical option to correct these different disorders