A rectocele is defined as the protusion (hernia) of the rectum to teh posterior vaginal wall, (It can arouse uncommonly in males to the prostatic región)rectocele

It is indeed a common disease, frequently understimated, being tolerated by the patients for long periods of time, even when it can induce symptoms such as vaginal bulging (tipically when defecating), pain related to sexual intercourse (dyspareunia) and even prolapse of the rectocele trough the introitus.

It can often be associated to the Obstructive Defecation Syndrome(ODS), when a failure to relax the anal sphincter or pelvic floor muscles occurs while trying to defecate, therefore causing pain, constipation and tenesmus.

A rectocele can be treated by conservative measures such as bulky laxatives, high fiber diet, and adecuate water intake, but when this measures are not enough, a surgical repair may be needed.

This surgical intervention muy be done trough the vagina, rectum, perineum, or trough the abdomen (laparoscopic rectopexy), and sometimes by a combination of them.

Before a surgical approach to treat a pelvic floor disorder is chosen, including a rectocele, it is mandatory to perform a good medial examination, stablishing the severity and type of symptoms, on order to determine the best surgical treatment. Endorectal Ultrasound (ERUS) as well as ecodefecography are of great use in the diagnose of this pathology.

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